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High pressure hose standard design and classifications

High pressure hoses (HPH) are flexible pipes used for liquid, oil, emulsion and gas under high pressure conditions. Hoses are made of different materials with different technologies depending on the operating environment, limiting pressure, climatic conditions and the working fluid for which they are transferring. See more on tips on installing fittings to high pressure hoses.

High pressure hoses meet the highest European standards and are certified to the requirements of the ISO standard. They are used for industry and transport, the cars and trucks of all brands. Hoses are used for: power steering, fuel system, cooling system, heating system, oil coolers and air brake systems.

Black color and long length high pressure hose with fittings
High pressure hose

Standard design of high pressure hoses:

All high pressure hoses are two main layers - the inner and the outer, mostly manufactured by extrusion of synthetic rubber. For the inner layer they use oil-resistant synthetic rubber. Also some manufacturers equip their hoses inner layer of Nitrile (NBR) to extend the lifetime of several high pressure hoses. For the outer layer of high pressure hoses, they also use the abrasion resistant synthetic rubber.

To improve the thermal stability, high pressure hoses sometimes are covered with flexible or winded of high temperature-resistant polymers. The braided layer is made of steel wire or textile. High pressure hoses are packed in coils, which subsequently cut to length on-demand and pressure test the various fittings for hoses with insert sleeve on special hydraulic presses for crimping.

Classification and choosing:
High pressure hoses are the most important part of modern equipment. They are used in use all hydraulic systems, gas and water supply. Of course it is important to choose the optimum hose for your systems. You need to carefully approach the study of features and characteristics of the environment.

Red color nylon high pressure hose
High pressure nylon hose in red color
Double wire-braid high pressure hose with fittings
Double wire-braid high pressure hose with black cover and brass fittings

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