Using high pressure water hose to sweep up your yards easily

High pressure water hose in black color and with green stripe

High pressure water hose

Specialized high-pressure hose is designed not only to fully meet all the required conditions of practicality and convenience in transportation of water, but also, at the same time it to be able to withstand the sometimes enormous pressures on it transported by water. Our high pressure water hoses are produced to give you best solutions for transferring water in high pressure environment.

High pressure water hose is also called water jetting hose. It can help to clean yards or outdoors without effort because of the high pressure function. Therefore it is widely used in many industries such as construction, and agriculture. And it also can be used in our daily life for firefighting because it is very necessary to use high pressure hose for transferring water to put out the fire. The working temperature ranges from -30 °C ~ +85 °C (-22 °F ~ +185 °F). So the high pressure water hose has great difference of high pressure garden hose.


Our high pressure water hoses consist of three layers. The tube is made of smooth black SBR. It's resistant to air, water and oil mist. The reinforcement layer is high tensile synthetic cord with wire helix. The cover is similar to the inner tube. That is to say the cover is corrugated black SBR or EPDM, and it has strong resistance to abrasion, weather and ozone.

Nominal specifications:

Code inch mm mm bar bar m
HPWH-50-62-20 2 51 62 20 51 60
HPWH-65-75-20 2-1/2 63 75 20 51 60
HPWH-80-89-20 3 76 89 20 51 60
HPWH-100-118-20 4 102 118 20 51 40
HPWH-125-144-20 5 127 144 20 51 40
HPWH-150-169-20 6 152 169 20 51 40
HPWH-200-228-20 8 203 228 20 51 12
HPWH-250-284-20 10 254 284 20 51 12
HPWH-300-339-20 12 305 339 20 51 12
Black high pressure water hose for transferring water

High pressure water hose in black color