Production Process of High Pressure Rubber Hose

All our high pressure rubber hose are produced through strict quality controlling system. Here, we will introduce you the whole production process to let you know more about the high pressure rubber hose and our company.

Step 1: Extrude inner rubber – smooth surface and uniform thickness.

Step 2: Air drying – keep the hose dry.

A machine is producing the inner hose of hydraulic hose.
Extrude inner rubber.
Seven layers of hydraulic hoses are placed on the shelf.
Air drying.

Step 3: Reinforcement layer production – braided or spiral process.

A braid equipment is braiding steel wire on inner tuber of hydraulic hose.
Braid reinforcement.
A spiral equipment is spiraling steel wire on inner tube of hydraulic hose.
Spiral reinforcement.

Step 4: Extrude rubber cover and stick label – protect hydraulic hose from corrosion and abrasion.

Step 5: Wrap water cloth – protect the hose in vulcanizing process.

A machine is producing hydraulic hose rubber cover.
Extrude rubber cover.
A machine is wrapping water clothes on hydraulic hose.
Warp water hose.

Step 6: Vulcanize – direct steam heating of vulcanizing boiler or continuous vulcanizing.

A vulcanize equipment is placing in the workshop.

Step 7: Remove water cloth – separate the water cloth and hose after vulcanization.

Step 8: Demould by water pressure.

A worker is operating machine to remove water cloth.
Remove water cloth.
Two workers are demoulding by water pressure.

Step 9: Test pressure – test the working pressure and burst pressure.

Step 10: Size test and package – measure lengths of rubber hoses and packed them with packing belt.

A test machine is testing the working pressure of hydraulic hose.
Test pressure.
A worker is packing hydraulic hose with packing belt.